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A quick project overview

We have several projects in the making

We are constantly busy developing and constructing properties that are at different stages of the cycle. Some projects are in the early planning phase, where sketches, site plans, feasibility studies, and local plans are everyday tasks. In other projects, we have already broken ground, so we are closer to the finish line and the completed result. Our extensive experience and tradition in project development mean that we always keep a steady hand when juggling multiple projects simultaneously. For us, it's important that all projects have a beating heart — that they contribute to a better life where community and respect for nature are fundamental principles. Additionally, our vision includes preserving, reinterpreting, and reflecting the essential stories of local areas in our projects. These projects are more than just bricks and mortar. It's in the intersection of old and new elements that they come together.

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Kornbyen, Malling

The old feedstuff site in Malling is being transformed into a vibrant urban community that offers inspiring urban spaces, green recreational areas, and more than 200 households. The former silo area is being turned into a social hub where community interactions take center stage. There is space for play, activity, and relaxation.

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Solbrinken, Højbjerg

Solbrinken is a community for adults where privacy blends with social interaction. The project is located on the edge of the beautiful Marselisborg forests, where sea, tall beech trees, and wildlife come together in a delightful natural mix. The community includes various shared spaces such as a communal house, workshop, and terrace.

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Under Bøgen, Hinnerup

The project is named after the old beech tree that towers over the site, but it is also the title of a song written by Gnags, which centers around friendship and presence. And that's exactly the essence of "Under Bøgen". The community is supported by shared facilities that connect residents across the plot.

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Havgaarden, Aarslev Enge

Modern homes will soon grow, where worn-out and dilapidated greenhouses are currently placed. New seeds will be sown, where colorful flowers were once cultivated. The time has come to let a cultivation community arise - living is growing.

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Frydenlundgrunden, Aarhus V

Gårdhavehuset, Karéen, and Cykelhuset will rise side by side on the site that previously housed Frydenlund Centret. One of the project's features will be the gable of Cykelhuset, which will be adorned by the cycling enthusiast, Jørgen Leth.

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Lokesvej 4 and 8, Åbyhøj

The project on Lokesvej includes, among other things, 144 micro-apartments where we challenge the size of the units. We complement this with a multitude of common areas that extend the homes - including a multi-room with a yoga studio and a ceramics workshop.

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