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Keeping you in the loop?

There's never a dull moment at ejsingholm as we always have many balls in the air. In this news section, we keep you updated on what's happening in the land of ejsingholm. We never shy away from a good story that could also be relevant to you and your housing situation. On the page, you can also dive into smart tips and tricks that make everyday life easier – from cleaning the extractor hood to changing batteries in the underfloor heating.

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We are responsible for apartments in Kornparken

We are incredibly pleased to announce that as of the 1st of April 2024, we have taken over the management of 68 rental apartments in Kornparken in Randers NV. Read more about the apartments, which are brimming with cool details. Perhaps they are something for you? Who knows?

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The new year has kicked off with more properties

We can hardly contain our excitement as of the 1st of January 2024, we have taken on the administrative responsibility for 8 new properties spread across several cities. These include Trinbrættet and Byhusene in Holstebro, Klokkekildevej 54 - 58 in Herning, Skovhusene in Vejle, Kolding SPI, Kræsten Iversens Vej 6 - 8 in Højbjerg, Borresøvej 27 in Risskov, and Langelandsgade 23 in Aarhus C. You can read more about the newest additions to our management portfolio on our rental page below.

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Mini-interview: "We're glad we don't live in an anonymous corridor"

On a regular Thursday, we met with Malte, Mie, and Astrid, all residents of Studielandsbyen. If you add up their time living in Studielandsbyen, they have gathered more than 9 years of "seniority", so it's safe to say they know the housing community quite well. Therefore, we asked them to share stories about the informal collectivity that permeates the corners of Damagervej in Viby J - and fortunately, they were up for it. Read more about their exciting anecdotes and reflections below.

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In need of tips and tricks?

Unfortunately, we can't assist our tenants with household chores in their daily lives, even though we'd like to. To lend a helping hand, we regularly share housekeeping tips and reminders on our Instagram profile.

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The Christmas magic is spreading in the office

Our beloved graphic designer, Louisa Øgaard Reinholdt, has poured her creative love into the Christmas cards for our partners - and we couldn't dream of a more beautiful result. The Christmas ornament adorning the front of the card holds one of our longstanding favorites, which has been with us for many years. It's a whimsical detail - we believe - adds a new (Christmas) dimension to our gesture. Perhaps you can already guess which property we're referring to? If not, here's a little hint: Think thatched roofs, cobblestones, and timber. If you guessed Studielandsbyen, you got it right.

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Blog post: Explore Kornbyen

Developers at 'Bedre By' and 'Sinding & Co' have taken on the challenge of igniting positive urban development in Malling, just south of Aarhus. In the innovative construction project, Kornbyen, they are diligently working to develop a vibrant urban community that aims to revive the town's heyday. Cultural heritage, social initiatives, and sustainability constitute the building blocks that will support future growth. To mark the submission of the local plan for Kornbyen to Aarhus Municipality for consultation, we have penned a blog post that explores the perspectives that set Kornbyen apart from other construction projects. Read more here.

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