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We only have properties on our mind

Since its establishment in 2015, ejsingholm has aimed to be a full-service provider for the real estate industry. It may sound incredibly complex, but it's actually quite straightforward. Fundamentally, it means that we develop, build, and manage properties - and that's what we're passionate about every single day! We bring a fresh perspective to the industry by thinking progressively in our urban development projects and through digitalized property management. Our goal is to innovate the real estate sector through creative initiatives that create social, economic, and environmental value. We firmly believe that a building is much more than just bricks and mortar. It's an investment, but more importantly, it's a home where residents should feel comfortable. It's a delicate balance that we always strive to master in our work.

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Our heart beats for you

At ejsingholm, we take pride in creating the framework for our tenants' lives. Your home should be a solid anchor in the busy everyday life that sometimes rushes by at 110 kilometers per hour. The apartment or townhouse holds memories, emotions, and relationships that fill you with security and joy every time you step across the threshold. It might be a glimpse of a festive 20th birthday party, a child's first steps, or a quiet morning with freshly brewed coffee in the spring sun. We always do our very best to create a solid foundation for those golden moments that fill you – and your heart – with positive energy.

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Community is at our very core

We love cultivating and strengthening community spirit across our properties. We achieve this through tailored social initiatives and facilities designed specifically for each property, ensuring tenants have the best conditions to get to know each other better. We've learned that social life should always consider the surroundings and residents, which naturally vary from place to place. That's why you'll never find two identical properties with us. Each has its own gathering spots, ranging from rooftop terraces, playgrounds, and croquet courts to activity rooms, fitness centers, and libraries. We believe this fosters indispensable cohesion.

May we send you an invitation?

It can seem daunting - even somewhat intimidating - to invite your neighbors for a casual beer or a fun game night where a budding friendship might arose. The slight chance of receiving a polite 'no thank you' can discourage most people. We believe it's unfortunate if social life is paused before it even has a fair chance to grow. That's why we make a concerted effort to organize events that hopefully kickstart burgeoning neighborly connections. On selected properties, we've had great success with communal dinners, Christmas parties, and summer events that (with plenty of patience) have turned into cherished traditions. We find that our events gradually inspire committed residents to take the initiative themselves, allowing us to loosen our grip - and it's truly heartening to witness. Sometimes, digital postcards land in our inbox from tenants, and you shouldn't miss out on seeing those!

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Ready, set, play...

... On a sunny autumn day, there was a cozy atmosphere in the activity room at Godset. A handful of residents competed in an intense foosball match, while the rest cheered them on or enjoyed the rare autumn sun on the rooftop terrace. A thrilling competition is always a great icebreaker to bring life (and joy) to a property.

We are driven by trust

Our experience shows that the best communication happens face-to-face. You will often find us at the rental properties, where you can always tap us on the shoulder if you have a question or want to discuss something with us. We always listen carefully - also over the phone or via email. We will bend over backwards to ensure that you feel heard and seen. Because there's nothing better than trust, confidence, and a positive tone. That's our motivation and fuel when we arrive at work every morning.

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The digital agenda

For many years, it has been important for us to develop a platform that is easy to navigate for our tenants. The platform encompasses the entire rental process - from tenants signing their lease agreement to submitting their notice and locking the front door for the last time. Through the digital profile, tenants can access important documents such as the lease agreement, house rules, moving reports, and instructions for inventory. They receive ongoing messages related to their tenancy, but they can also reach out to us if they need assistance from the caretaker or an administrative staff member. We are proud of the digital interface that removes all hassle for our tenants.

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History, cultural heritage, and recycling

The underlying philosophy of our construction projects is to cut to the core, presenting properties in a more honest light. We prioritize the reuse of existing materials to convey the cultural heritage and history associated with the respective locations. This approach creates a cohesive experience where the old narratives, central to the areas' self-understanding, are allowed to thrive. We combine recycled elements with sustainable solutions to fulfill their full potential. A prime example is our current project Kornbyen, anchoring itself in the old feedstuff site in Malling. The future neighborhood, we are developing in collaboration with Sinding & Co, respects the area's industrial ties. Concrete halls, steel trusses, asphalt, and bricks are recycled into new constructions serving other, more contemporary purposes.

Our history

Since we took our first tentative steps nearly 10 years ago, a tremendous amount has happened. Ejsingholm was born in 2015 in a small backroom on Thorvaldsensgade in Aarhus C. The space was tight, but it didn't hinder our big ideas. The initial ventures were small housing communities, home to between 6 and 20 people each. One step led to another, and gradually, dreams grew bigger and the scale of construction expanded exponentially. Today, we are based in an office on Nørre Allé in Aarhus, where we develop and manage our own projects, while also overseeing the daily operations of investment properties for others. We believe this combination is terrific. Take a journey through time below, highlighting some of the milestones that have shaped - and continue to shape - us:

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2017 - Studielandsbyen in Viby J

A few years into our journey, we conceived the idea for Studielandsbyen, a transformation of the old half-timbered farm, Søgaard, dating back to 1677. The project, which comprises 56 residences and a communal house, has won an award for its restoration strategy that revives the old cultural heritage. We are incredibly proud that others also light up with excitement when visiting Studielandsbyen.

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2019 - Villa Landluft in Aarhus N

We couldn't say no when we had the opportunity to get our hands on the iconic mansion from 1897, located at the corner of Skovvangsvej and Nordre Ringgade. It's a residence that many Aarhus residents have a connection to, so naturally, it had to be resurrected from its ruins. We renovated the villa into five apartments while also constructing a new sister building. We managed to reintegrate the villa as an active player in the cityscape once again.

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2025 - Lokesvej in Åbyhøj

We are celebrating our 10-year anniversary with our largest housing project to date, which includes 144 micro-apartments where we challenge the size of the rental units. We are going all in on communal spaces, including a multi-room with a yoga studio, a ceramics workshop, and a self-service mini-supermarket. It's a culmination of all the experiences we have gathered over the years. We are incredibly excited for them to be ready in the summer of 2025!

Meet our employess


Peter Jakobsen

Partner and developer


Claus Pihlmann

Partner and developer


Lotte Emtkjær

Chief Financial Officer


Jessica Hallursdóttir Joensen

Office Manager


Lena Sand Viberg

Property Manager


Louise Vittendorff Selmer

Journalist and anthropologist


Michael Sørensen

IT Manager


Michael Pedersen

Property Maintenance Technician


Grethe Hvistendahl Bratbjerg

Financial Consultant



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