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Shall we take care of your investment property?

Sometimes, it takes some effort to get others to manage your investment property, as it involves a great deal of trust to hand over the responsibility for your "child". It is a decision that should not be rushed, so you should listen to your gut before making the final decision. If you choose ejsingholm, we guarantee that you and your property will be in safe hands from the very first second. We are your faithful sounding board, and your goals automatically become ours. We have extensive experience in managing properties for investors and companies, but we also have professional expertise from our own construction projects. Our employees have in-depth knowledge of all aspects related to property management, and they continually bring that knowledge into play. It is very important for us to be close to the rentals we manage, as it gives us a better sense of the tenants and the properties. This enables us to act proactively and intervene quickly if necessary. If the physical distance between your property and our office is large, it can fortunately be reduced with specific measures that increase closeness and confidentiality. There are no obstacles to a well-functioning collaboration.

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Who said daily operations?

We did! We take on the sometimes heavy burden of administration that can tire even the most experienced property shark. Our employees put in all their effort to build a healthy property that thrives. This includes rent collection, utility accounting, reporting, bookkeeping, lease agreements, viewings, move-in inspections, maintenance, and much more. We cover daily operations from top to bottom.

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No unpleasant surprises

At ejsingholm, you can choose an administration agreement where re-letting is included in the price. We believe this is a very advantageous option that can give you greater peace of mind. You avoid large extra bills every time there is a new viewing scheduled. The price remains the same, whether we show a rental unit 1 or 20 times. It is only if we need to bring in external resources that an additional fee will be added.

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We keep our finger on the pulse

We prioritize seeing tenants face-to-face as often as possible. Personal interaction lays the foundation for a stronger relationship and greater security. Our strategy is to conduct all viewings and move-in inspections, as this allows us to get to know the tenants—and vice versa. It also creates better conditions for selecting tenants who are well-suited for your property. We believe that a physical meeting speaks louder than words.

We are always on the move

We always go the extra mile to make your investment property shine—literally. At ejsingholm, we have our own 'bus', packed to the brim with furniture, interior decor, and flowers. If we need new photo material for marketing or are dealing with vacant rentals that need some extra love, we put the pedal to the metal. Our stylist empties the bus and uses her creative skills to highlight the possibilities your property holds. She also takes out her camera to capture atmospheric photos that showcase the vibe. If you want to offer furnished apartments, that's another area where we excel. We have gained extensive experience over time that we can draw upon. Currently, we are responsible for more than 100 furnished rentals that we lease to private individuals or companies for their expatriate employees. See a selection at the link below.

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'Social' is our middle name

We happily put in the extra effort to create a thriving community on your property, so neighbors aren’t just unfamiliar faces you pass by in the hectic rush. We are experienced in organizing events and developing shared facilities that bring residents together. Is it something for you?

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Shall we give the community a (digital) boost?

At some of our rental properties, we are actively implementing the community app Heynabo! – and maybe we should do it for you too? This digital platform includes various features designed to strengthen internal cohesion. You can explore all the functions on their own website.

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Communication is key

We firmly believe that tenants in your residential property should feel guided from the moment they step through the door to the last time they lock it behind them. We achieve this through various communication efforts that aim to make life easier for tenants. We diligently craft welcome letters, manuals, guides, and termination notices, which you can also see in the image. This communicative support fosters happier tenants who feel acknowledged, thereby strengthening your property and reducing vacancy risks.

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A strong network

Everyone has probably heard that having a solid network is important. The same principle applies to property management. We have a multitude of reliable partners who benefit both you and your property. For instance, we have established relationships with locally-rooted real estate agents who excel in first-time rentals or properties that are more challenging to lease. We also keep in touch with relocation firms that maintain extensive databases of tenants seeking both temporary and permanent homes. The same goes for painters, floor refinishers, cleaning personnel, IT firms, and so forth. We cover all bases.

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